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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Monochrome, pastels and now digital. I like sketching mostly and love adding as much hand cramping detail as possible.

MLP, cartoons, video games and comics. From PG to Grimdark.



Willing to negotiate pricing depending on martial or commissioning more then one.


Cures for Madness by Madness-with-Reason
Cures for Madness
My Brain - begun to laugh -

I mumbled - like a fool -

And tho’ ‘tis Years ago - that Day -

My Brain keeps giggling - still.

And Something’s odd - within -

That person that I was -

And this One - do not feel the same -

Could it be Madness - this?

- Emily Dickinson. Curious wine

Well I am not sure how I feel about this, in the end it came together very well but I cant say its what I pictured. Oh well I managed to pull it off. Anyway I see Pinkamena portrayed in differet ways, the bitter loner, crazed butcher, Hannibal understudy; so I chose two halves and made a whole range of crazy.
Day Dreamer Dirty Killer by Madness-with-Reason
Day Dreamer Dirty Killer
Laying on my back
Lucky insomniac
Purple, pretty haze
Don’t feel ashamed
Running through my veins
Two fingered phase
Incoherent days
We’re not the same

Crossing over the game that’s how you’ve made it
Between the boxes you make that’s why you take it
The feeling that breeds between that’s how you fake it
And now you’re holding me in try not to break it

Day Dreamer, Dirty Killer
Sith Lord - Sunset Shimmer by Madness-with-Reason
Sith Lord - Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer a Narcore, a passive near human species who delicate their life to living natural pure lives without medical interference. Since birth, Sunset suffered from spinal deformation. Many were surprised that she survived for so long with the lack of medical treatment. Though one day she had fallen and sustained injury that could've prove to be fatal. Her soon to be master had heard her cry through the force and sensed her will to live. He arrived and offered her tribe a chance to save her, though skeptical at first her elders were reluctant to allow her to seek medical help. She had made an astounding recovery and swore her life to the way of the force. In a matter of years she had proven her self to be a capable leader, strong instincts and stunning reflexes despite her disability. Though a running concern worried the counsel and her master. She felt it her obligation to interfere in many predicaments where Jedi were not needed. Using her personal experience as means to justify her intervention. This placed her in long probation period under her master's watch. During a routine assignment, they were present at a treaty signing as a show of good faith. Though a conflict escalated and her master attempted diplomacy but Sunset took the situation into her own hands. Instigating a fight she knew she would win, she achieved "peace" through silence of the opposition. This completely caught her master off guard, during the confusion and with one calculated strike she executed her master. From then on she formulated that sometimes peace can only be achieved through bloodshed and that universe would benefit from the interference of the force.

Since her fall and study of the Sith ways as Darth Odium, the device supporting her spine and neck had began to be rejected from her body. A more stable but abrasive device was implanted but it impaired her movement and flexibly. Through rigorous training she found way around her handicap and developed a style, a variation of form VI using her force powers to make up for lack of her mobility.
Sith Assassin - Sonata by Madness-with-Reason
Sith Assassin - Sonata
Sonata, a full blooded Aqurin, had lost her parents during the plantratery disaster of the Aqurin home world, Aqanicuis. Aware of her sensitivity to the force she was taken by the assassin corp of Darth Odium, formally known as the Jedi Shimmer. During her training Sonata had always kept a rather eerily cheerful demeanor to the unease of others around her. She had said very little and was especially hard to read. Neither the best nor the worst compared to her peers but one day during training only Sonata had appeared. Odium asked what of her peers, Sonata calmly replied, "They were planning on devouring you and would have destroyed the progress of the Sith. They were weak. So I devoured them first." Odium knew it wasn't entirely unheard of apprentices and the like to overthrow their master and it could have been possible. She had sensed this intention before but what is a Sith without ambition. Odium continued the training, though unsettled by Sonata's sudden compliance. With time Sonata had proven to be a deadly assassin and her hunger for Jedi was unrelenting. Odium had used her talents to cause unrest across many planets, revealing many opportunities for Odium twisted sense of peace. Including the "incident" that caused the riot on Haw'torn II.

Aqurin are an amphibious species and are capable of breathing underwater, they also posses seeking antennae. When in bare contact with a surface they are able to pick up on movement. This especially useful when preforming ambushes or tracking prey. Aqurin have a small frame compared to most near human species, this may hinder their constitution but provides them with flexibility and speed. Like many Sith assassins before her Sonata has developed the need to "devour", the abiltiy to drain the force from individuals assassin find the feeling intoxicating and hard to resist.
Sith Maurader - Aria by Madness-with-Reason
Sith Maurader - Aria

Aria – Half human half Aqurin. She was born of the planet Haw’torn II, that suffered decades of unrest due to its over population. Ten years ago a resent reformation had left the planet inhabitants at unease and created a particular divide between the Aqurin race. Aqurins being very superstitious had always seen Half breeds as a bad omen and were at the forefront of the controversy. After an incident that had caused of the death of a highly regarded leader of the Aqurins a riot was insighted. Jedi were sent to calm the situation but the tension was too great and all that was left to do was to wait till the flames burned itself out. Aria, a victim of the violence, had caught the attention of Adagio who had sensed not only her sensitively of the force but a hate that knew no bounds. Adagio managed to convince the young Halfling with promises of revenge and peace through retribution.

Since then Aria has proven herself to be a monster in combat, utterly destroying anyone who stood in her way. Having no interest in the force she dedicated her self to ways of combat.

During large skirmish that had left many of Aria’s compatriots dead, she was found alive. Her arms seemingly torn from her elbows by a desperate Jedi. Even in her injured state she continued to engage ignoring any pain, charging to the dismay of  her enemies.

 For the longest time Ive been wanting to get back to grimdark but not just that. Surrealism has always been a fancy of mine and now I am trying my hand at it. One of my favorite artist of all time was Pigfish. His work was amazing, I mean never would have thought pony work could be so well done and dark and just amazing. Well I never got a chance to really talk to him and say how much his work influence mine.

 For the past three years, I havent just been working to get noticed or even for money. I ve been working to get better and to able to call myself an artist. Staving, staying for days, staring at objects just to understand how they work. As of now I think its whatever. I dont know what my point was really with this post. My hope is just to keep getting better and one day be able to leave the pony comfort zone.
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Dark-seid Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
Hey, i have read Harvester of Eyes and is amazing.  Scary and dark. Congratulations for splendid comic. Congratulations.
Madness-with-Reason Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Student General Artist
Oh thanks man glad you enjoyed it. I only did the visuals but I appreciate the compliment.
Dark-seid Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
But you have talent. A big talent.
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Why thanks for the watch mate!
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Well theres a familiar face I didn't expect to run into again  
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Whats up man? Yeah I checked out your gallery and dug your work so I thought I would give you a watch.
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Thanks, you got some nice looking work on yourself 
Madness-with-Reason Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks brah. Yeah your comment on my pic made me laugh.
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